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JUDGE SHAW----Constitution Violations

PRESS RELEASE 10-24-2011
To whom it may concern:
I am writing this in response to my Constitutional Rights that were violated, and the justice that my family never got. These rights that we never got are supposed to be guaranteed to us according to the Constitution of the United States.

AnTiffany McDaniel-Fears
On July 18, 2008 I was threatened by a woman named AnTiffany McDaniel-Fears who said she would destroy me if I did not let her take my grandson away from his mother (my daughter).
On August 31, 2008 she submitted a false drug test to the court on my daughter so it would look like she was on drugs when she wasn’t.
After court my daughter swore to me she was clean of drugs so I took her to S.O.S. the state appointed drug testing facility to have another test run just to make sure there were no mistakes.  Here is a copy of that test.

Judge Shaw

Steve Meador

David Prater

On September 1, 2008 AnTiffany McDaniel-Fears lied to Judge Shaw and the police. She said that I called her on the phone and left a message saying that I was going to shoot her. She told the police and Judge Shaw that she saved the message on her phone. I spoke to Judge Shaw and tried to tell him the truth and to submit the true drug test taken the same day but Judge Shaw would not allow it to entered into the court record. This test was taken at the state appointed drug testing facility. 
During this process of the two false accusations that I brought to Judge Shaw’s attention, he informed me that it was his court room and he would run it as he chooses.
Later I was charged with the crime of “Threatening to do harm with violence”. I was later arrested and thrown in jail. Now the court dates were soon to follow.

Donald Easter

Reagan Vincent

Beau Phillips

Misty Dawn Herriott-Archey
I appeared in court the first time on October 23, 2008.  AnTiffany committed perjury in court by testifying that she had this tape of me threatening her when I didn’t. The Judge (Donald Easter) let it go and gave her a one way VPO against me.The Judge explained to me that the conditions were that I was supposed to say 500 feet away from her at all times. I asked him if that meant she also had to stay away from me and that is when he said no. 
So I asked "So you mean that she can get as close to me as she wants but I have to stay 500 feet away from her even though she is the one who threatened me?" He said that is correct and this will last for 3 years.
I later learned from a co-worker who was sitting in Mr. Steve Meador’s office while he was on the phone with Judge Easter that they an exparte conversation where Judge Easter was told to rule against me in court which is exactly what he did.
This same Judge later tried to have me committed into a psychiatric hospital but the doctor refused to go along with it when she saw my evidence, so I was only held for about a week.
The District Attorney’s office issued a warrant for my arrest because of the alleged evidence they say they had- which was the tape.
The Assistant District Attorney Reagan Vincent was having people pressure me for almost 2 years saying she had this tape.  However we were never allowed to hear this tape because it never existed.Assistant District Attorney Reagan Vincent worked under the direction of David Prater the District Attorney in and for the State of Oklahoma.
David Prater’s office committed Prosecutorial Misconduct and Malicious Prosecutionbecause they knew from day 1 that the tape never existed.They withheld exculpatory evidence from my lawyer by not letting him know that the tape did not even exist.
I kept telling my Public Defender (Beau Phillips) that if they really had this tape they were bound by law to turn it over. According to the law I have the right to confront my accuser which I was denied.
After almost 2 years I was finally given the trial that they never wanted me to have.
The Assistant District Attorney Reagan Vincent knew that she could not produce the tape and finally realized that I would not plead guilty to a crime I did not commit.

Julie Hartnell

Judge Glen Jones
As it turned out, just before my trial was ready to start, Reagan Vincent was replaced by Julie Hartnell.Julie started her case by talking about the tape and I made my attorney step up and ask for the tape. At that timeJulie Hartnell took a break went downstairs to the court clerk’s office and had the petition complaint against me re-amended to say that a third party (Misty Dawn Herriott-Archey) had overheard me say that I was going to hurt the worker instead of actually having me on tape. 
When the witness (Misty Dawn Herriott-Archey) was asked to testify, Ms. Julie Hartnell said she couldn’t testify because she was in a psychiatric hospital. 
The Judge (Glen Jones) then told Ms. Hartnell you can’t prosecute this case if you don’t have any evidence or a witness. He then asked her to provide him with proof that their witness was really in a psychiatric hospital. He then gave her a 30 day continuance and told her if your witness is not ready then I will have no other choice but to dismiss the charges against Ms. Lawhon. 
During this whole mess I found 3 people who truly saw this case for what it was, and were not willing to just go along but yet had to do their jobs at the same time. 
The man who came to my house the first time Officer Pershica. He told the caseworker he would not pick up Evan because “there was no legal valid reason”. 
Judge Jones, who made sure that his court room ran according to the law and according to the evidence. 
The deputy sheriff who actually came to my house and took me to jail (I cannot mention his name because it is not already on public record that I know of). He told me he was sorry and that he knew I was being done a raw deal but yet he had to do his job and take me to jail. 
The first day of trial was February 22, 2010 and continued on until February 23, 2010 where I was finally found NOT GUILTY by a jury- Even though several people committed perjury and fraud to try and convict me of a crime I did not commit. 
To this day nobody has ever been charged- even though the evidence is all part of court record. Because of the lies told by AnTiffany McDaniel-Fears I was arrested a total of 3 times held in jail for 2 weeks and denied bail even though I did not commit a crime. 
However the true criminals were never reprimanded at all. They still get to keep their jobs and their lives while my life was destroyed- all they wanted to do was abuse their power- of which they did.

Yolanda Sherfield

Cassandra Robinson-Fowler

Alex Bednar
On March 17, 2011 my grandson was abused by a DHS worker by the name of Yolanda Sherfield in the company of her supervisor (Cassandra Robinson-Fowler). He was later taken to the hospital to be checked out because they thought she broke his finger.  All of this is on tape.We tried to file an abuse complaint against the worker with the police but they refused to let us do so. Instead they filed a complaint against my daughter even all she did was sit in a chair and tell the worker "don’t hurt my son"while her lawyer (Alex Bednar) was present the whole time and witnessed the abuse. She was later thrown to the ground by two police officers even though she was 9 months pregnant and arrested. She was later taken to the hospital because she was in pain and the baby needed to be checked out.
My grand-daughter was born a couple of weeks later. DHS went on a man hunt looking for my grand-daughter so they could take her too but she had already been hidden. I was told that because of being so vocal about what was being done to my family that they withdrew the pickup order on my grand-daughter (of course that is just a rumor). I was told they didn’t want to take the chance of me actually getting media attention on what was going on.
I told this person- "Doesn’t DHS know that the media is on their side? I figured that out a long time ago when I was told over the phone by Channel 4 News station in Oklahoma City “lady nobody cares”. I said "You don’t care about children who are abused and dying and the man actually said “YES”. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say needless to say I don’t watch Channel 4 news anymore.
So much for me getting justice, and equal rights in the United States of America. The Federal Government is supposed to make sure this stuff doesn’t happen but going through all this I found out that they truly do not care.
As of October 23, 2011 the 3 years is up and I am no longer bound by a court order to keep my mouth shut and so now the truth can finally be told.
Thank You,
Dana Lawhon / ok / dana / 10-24-11 /

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