Thursday, September 29, 2011



 Exposing Government Sponsored Parental   Abuse

Leon R. Koziol, J.D., is a civil rights advocate who has practiced law for nearly a quarter century in New York State. He has been a spokesperson for parenting rights and currently publishes an Internet blog site known as LeonKoziol.Com, focused upon reform in our domestic relations courts. Featured over the years on the CBS  news program 60 Minutes, New York Times and CNN, Leon Koziol remains a fearless advocate for human rights  and a profound check upon government abuse.
Among his career highlights, Mr. Koziol secured a final judgment in New York Supreme Court declaring unconstitutional the operation of the largest casino in the state. Prior to obtaining his doctorate degree, he joined the management team of a Fortune 500 manufacturing firm. He has published various literary works including his most recent novel entitled Western Door. A former city councilman and municipal attorney, Mr. Koziol has secured a number of jury verdicts, settlement recoveries and a precedent in New York City for diverse civil rights victims. He was a recent endorsed candidate for state senate and county executive.
In February, 2010, Mr. Koziol took a sacrificial stance against parental abuse in domestic relations courts. After criticizing a money generating process which needlessly harms parent-child relations, he was subjected to retaliatory suspension of his professional license. For nearly ten months he was denied all meaningful contact with his two children without any allegation or evidence of neglect, abuse or abandonment. On May 23, 2010, he was reunited with his precious daughters after a state court threw out a petition by the so-called “custodial parent” containing false allegations after a hearing. Four years of needless court battles damaged his income producing capacities needed to benefit his children.
These and other events have led Mr. Koziol to file petitions and test cases seeking to remedy human rights violations before the United Nations, Department of Justice, Federal Court, the New York Court of Appeals and state Human Rights Division. The overriding objective of these ongoing proceedings is to establish a limit upon ever-escalating government invasions of privacy in child rearing matters. Equal rights among the genders in family issues and a greater respect for parenth remain the hallmark of his latest civil rights initiatives.
Mr. Koziol is available for media interviews, commentary and public speaking engagements on contemporary civil rights issues which are impacting our productivity as a nation.

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